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Cap, Tassel and Gown (Matte)

Product Overview - This package includes a deluxe cap, gown, and tassel with a year charm. These muted cap and gowns are made of top-grade 100% polyester material with a refined matte finish. The gown is accentuated by a robust front zipper construction and neatly pleated front panels. Please note that opting for the matte version may result in a slight price increase. 

Cap, Tassel and Gown (Matte)

  • Our graduation caps are designed to fit all sizes with an expandable elastic band around the rim, thus no head measurements are necessary.

    To ensure the perfect fit, gowns are measured from the top of your head to the floor with your shoes on. The finished gown will fall between your knee and calf and start at the shoulders.

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